"A world-wide case-controlled observational study on the association between arboviruses and GBS"

A world-wide prospective study of INC on prognosis and biomarkers in GBS

New Online Toolkit for the Management of GBS

Based on the recently published '10-step guideline' for GBS, an online toolkit was developed in collaboration with The Global Health Network, to aid clinicians world-wide in their management of GBS. Check out the toolkit at: https://rede.tghn.org/gbs-flowchart-sample/introduction-gbs/ More >>

10 step guideline for GBS

Researchers part of the IGOS-Zika network and other scientists part of the ZikaPLAN Consortium have developed a globally applicable guideline for the diagnosis and management of Guillain–Barré syndrome(GBS) as a tool for clinicians. The paper "Diagnosis and management of Guillain-Barré syndrome in ten steps"was published in the high-impact journal ‘Nature Reviews Neurology’ on September 20, 2019


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